Qwick Codes for Merchants

Do you take Qwick Codes?

Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet allows the consumer to securely load all of the cards in their physical wallet into a secure, digital wallet they can manage and access from a variety of places, including a browser or their mobile phone. The Consumer has the ability to generate a Qwick Code; an eight (8) digit, one-time use token for transactions at traditional POS, ATM or via online within a shopping cart. The Consumer controls the use of the Qwick Code, its dollar limit and even an expiration date. Consumers can also text or Email the Qwick Code to someone else for their use. A Qwick Code can be redeemed by entering the 8-digit code, scanning its bar code or wirelessly sending the Qwick Code to participating merchants. The Merchant or ATM uses the Qwick Code to exchange it for decrypted and authenticated card swipe data.

Qwick codes can be used for:

  • Convenience. "Cardless" transaction for consumers on-the-go!
  • Person-to-Person Payment. Send a Qwick Code to a child away at school, to a friend at work or someone who may be traveling!
  • Retail Marketing. Drive Consumers to generate Qwick Codes for in-store discounts, special promotions, giveaways, etc.
  • Onsite Marketing. Use Qwick Codes to eliminate keystrokes from nearly 80 to 8 and decrease shopping cart fall out/abandonment!
  • Mobile Transactions. Use Qwick Codes to eliminate keystrokes and increase significantly mobile transactions; makes it much easier for the Consumer!
  • Budget Purposes. Consumers looking to control spending or designate Qwick Codes at POS (use at supermarket, pharmacy, family retail, etc.)
  • Fleet Purpose. Trucking Company looking to budget gas purchases, general contractor looking to manage onsite/ongoing spend for materials!
  • General Business Use. looking to control ongoing spend (office supplies, general purchases, petty cash replacement)
  • Corporations. looking to control employee spend (entertainment, travel, hotel, car rental)

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Accepting Qwick Codes is easy and best of all there is no added cost for you. If you accept card-based transactions for POS, Online or ATMs, then Qwick Codes is for you. Complete this short form and a MagTek representative will contact you right away to help answer your questions and guide you through the integration process to accept Qwick Codes.

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